Wells Naturopathic Centre

Naturopathy – Counselling

About Naturopathy

The body possesses an inherent ability to heal itself. Methods used by Naturopaths to overcome illness are therefore those that restore and promote the body’s own normal and OPTIMUM function. Mark provides advice, guidance and natural medicines tailored to the individual’s needs based on their dietary and nutritional requirements, their lifestyle, their physical symptoms, vitality and well-being, and iris diagnosis.

The Natural Medicines used in my practice are:

  1. Completely safe & without side-effects – Non-Toxic
  2. Assist the body to heal itself – Non-Habit Forming
  3. Encourage the body to function at its optimum (not just be symptom free) – Improve Health & Well-Being

About Counselling

“I draw from a range of therapeutic approaches to suit your unique situation and needs, thereby creating a caring and safe space for you to work through any difficult life issues.” Mark brings a wealth of life experience and specialist skills to your counselling session but most importantly he brings compassion, understanding and Empathy. Over 30 years of experience as a Naturopath in private practice has fostered a holistic approach and honed the skills that enable Mark to more deeply appreciate the client and their unique life path.